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   Links  Updated 2/8/99

CDnowThe Internet's leading music store, great selection, and good prices.  Keep an eye out for their killer sales and specials

The Philadelphia Music HomepageWhat Philly music site would this be without a shout to the Philly Music Homepage.  Comprehensive, informative and definitely worth a visit.

String This  Hey guitar players...There's a great new place to buy strings on the net!  Check them out, best price you can find

Hey, I'm happy with them, so why not join the family?

And now some local musician pages

KNEE DEEP  A four piece band from Frankford, not Frankfurt, not Craftwerk.  Good fellas worthy of support
Jeff Reichman  A really talented, young Singer/Songwriter.  A good pal with a cool site.
Hoagy  If you don't know Hoagy, you ain't from round here.  Omnipresent percussionist and hardest working muso in town
Groove Lingo  Trishy's page.  A true friend of the local scene, she's taken the time to check out and write about many, many local acts.  Definitely a much needed positive voice.

And finally, some of my Canadian Comrades

Emm Gryner  Trust me when I tell you, this is somebody worth checking out.  Her album "Public" on Mercury Records was one of my favorite records of last year.  Right now she's opening for Tom "Life is a Highway" Cochrane in Canada.  Better days lie ahead for this extremely lovely and .  Jtalented young lady.
Moxy Fruvous  What can I say, they're a gulity pleasure.  Goofy, but sharp.  Clearly Canadian.  Just sold out the Trocadero.
Loverboy  Elephant and pig DNA just won't splice!  Gotta be thorough

Any more suggestions?

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