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What's the Difference?

Not too much, really.  Price is essentially the same.
Unless you've never used Paypal before, in that case you may be eligible for $5 off your purchase!  That would be a nice deal.

  allows you, with a credit card, to buy the CD directly from the artist itself, that being me.  Each CD will be hand packed and assembled with love.  Again, if you've never used Paypal before, this is a great service that offers a sign-up bonus for both of us.  This is best if you're in a hurry and in the United States.
If you buy it from  they will send you the CD from their office.  FOR ME that means: less work :), they handle the duplication and shipping  expenses :), and increased standing  on the charts :), but I have to share the proceeds with them :(. FOR YOU it means enhanced multimedia content above and beyond your regular ole CD :), but it takes about 10 days. :(  For international orders, this is the only way to go.

Either way is cool with me!

Bad credit?  No credit?  Any other  questions?  Click here to send an email, we'll figure it out.

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